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About Feisal

Feisal Nahaboo is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, with a stellar track record in generating wealth, and innovative, ground-breaking business ideas.


Feisal’s latest brainchild, the Overnight Multiple Merger Group, is the home of his Overnight Multiple Merger model; a paradigm-busting business idea, which is fully productised, and taking the business world by storm.

Alitam Group (Pharmacy)

Born in November 2019, Alitam Group is a hugely exciting consolidation of approximately 100+ pharmacy stores across the UK and Ireland region. Alitam acquires highly profitable pharmacy stores that wish to become part of the Alitam journey to becoming less reliant on NHS/HSE dispensary income. This will be achieved by rolling out more ‘GP type medical services’ across Alitam stores.

Movie Debut

Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo is set to become a movie action hero after partnering with award-winning British production company Shogun Films..


Learn from Feisal’s extensive experience, and become involved with one of his OMM movements.


Over the past 20 years Feisal and his past and current companies have presented strategic ideas to over 100,000 UK-based business individuals on ideas of strategic wealth development and management.

Feisal Nahaboo – The story so far

See 3 animated videos on Feisal’s background and recent unprecedented work.

Feisal’s story – how he started his journey at the back of an ex council house with just £5k of savings.

Alitam Vision – how Feisal is playing his part in the radical change of pharmacy.

Xeinadin – how Feisal built one of the largest accountancy groups in UK and Ireland history, taking just 256 working days.

Feisal’s Movie Debute


Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo— the founder of pharmacy group Alitam and accountancy firm Xeinadin—is already a key player on the corporate stage. Now, he’s set to become a movie action hero after partnering with award-winning British production company Shogun Films.

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Get the complete lowdown on how to build a business worth millions, in just 256 days. For the first time, this book details everything you need to know.

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