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How ADHD helped successful entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo turn a start up into a market leader in 256 working days

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Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo has just revealed that he is neurodivergent, having recently been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). On reflection, he now sees that his condition is to thank for his success, including the creation of the world’s first Overnight Multiple Merger Model’s (OMMM), Xeinadin. In this exclusive article, Nahaboo speaks openly about living with ADHD and how others can harness these mental gifts like he has to achieve greatness.

It is reckoned that around 1.5million adults in the UK have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and research has shown that ADHD in entrepreneurs can trigger proactive behaviours leading to new ground-breaking ideas.

Energy, drive, enthusiasm, and excellent speaking skills are all traits of a successful entrepreneur, and of someone with ADHD. This is why being an entrepreneur with ADHD is a blessing for many, including entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo – who has just revealed that he lives with the condition.

Nahaboo is well-known as one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, a CEO, a family man, an author and a golf champion. As many have commented, it seems ‘there is nothing this man cannot do’. A respected innovator and visionary within the business world, he has become a household name in the accountancy sector and, more recently, the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2019, he made history when he founded Xeinadin. His ground-breaking vision created a unique idea which saw him successfully merge 122 accountancy firms in the UK and Ireland with an annual turnover of over £100 million and £39m EBITDA (according to the Irish Times).

Today, he is the Founder and CEO of Alitam – his second OMMM and a company created to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry, acquiring over 100 pharmaciesacross the UK and Ireland with a turnover in excess of £100million.

What not many people know, however, is that Nahaboo has achieved all this despite coming from humble beginnings, growing up on a council estate in Bracknell. The very definition of a self-made man, he purchased his first house with only a £5,000 deposit and invested just £450 on second-hand goods including a desk, fax mmachine, printer and a “very dated” laptop. This was the beginning of his success story.

The mental gifts of ADHD

What makes Nahaboo’s story all the more extraordinary is his recent discovery of his mental gifts in the form of ADHD. The diagnosis has proven a “lightbulb moment” for the entrepreneur, allowing him to make better sense of his rise to the top.

ADHD is often defined as a neurological disorder associated with trouble focusing on a single task, being easily distracted, and being forgetful. However, it is also associated with traits such as risk-taking, impulsive behaviour, hyper focus and curiosity – all qualities which make up a successful entrepreneur. Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, Virgin boss, Richard Branson, and airline mogul David Neeleman, to name but a few, all live with ADHD and, like Nahaboo, also attribute it to their major successes.

In essence, impulsivity creates courageous business decisions and many studies have been undertaken which show a link between ADHD and ‘entrepreneurial intention’. Some have found that entrepreneurs with ADHD more readily embrace new experiences and show greater persistence and passion than their neurotypical (NT) counterparts. It follows, then, that those with ADHD show a greater interest in things that they are passionate about. Once they find their passion, they strive – giving 100 percent to any project they undertake and with a characteristic deep commitment and persistence that ensures that they will complete their project before moving on swiftly to their next idea.

ADHD can be a hereditary condition and Nahaboo was only diagnosed after taking one of his children, displaying characteristic traits, to see a specialist.

Speaking about the traits which he recognised as his symptoms, his voice crackling with the same energy and enthusiasm that has won him many fans as a passionate business speaker and educator, he says that the most common one is speed.

“Where others would often take their time to think through decisions – sometimes over a period of days or weeks – I was making effective decisions within minutes,” he explains.

Defining himself as someone who has always been “impatient and hungry for success”, the word ‘wait’ is simply not in Nahaboo’s vocabulary. Everything he does to become successful, he does at great speed. With unflagging drive, he sets objectives that are challenging to others but “obvious” for him.

In fact, when you read the numerous glowing endorsements that Nahaboo has received from those who have worked closely with him, you find that there are certain revealing keywords that come up time and again about his tenacious work ethic: “energy”, “drive”, “enthusiasm” and “vision”.

How ADHD drove the creation of Xeinadin

In 2019, Nahaboo acquired 122 accountancy practices and using his own OMMM, merged them under one group known as ‘Xeinadin’, named after his two eldest children: Zein and Nadine.

It was an incredible achievement, especially when you recognise that such growth typically takes decades to achieve. Where it would take somebody six months to a year to complete one merger, Nahaboo completed 122 mergers within a record-breaking 256 working days and with limited resources, operating with only two administrative staff and by preparing the acquisition of each accountancy practice using WhatsApp.

His vision was simple but clever, and something that an NT individual would probably not think of. He sums up his unique thought process for Xeinadin as follows: “If it takes six to 12 months to acquire one business, just do the other 121 at the same time side by side. “I call it ‘frontline strategy’. When at war, you don’t have 122 soldiers separated but close and in the front line.” This incredible project required him to carry out a huge amount of work in record time, which he credits to the harnessing of his (then undiagnosed) ADHD.

Not only did he have the job of convincing over 250 accountancy equity partners to go ahead with his bold vision but also there was an incredible amount of heavy lifting required, including the need to manage accountancy regulation and tax clearances due to the moving of one company to a new company. Nahaboo, however, was able to move all the firms from old companies to new companies with new clean balance sheets, creating a brand new platform for the 122 independent accountancy firms to begin their new lives under the Xeinadin model. He says: “In order for 122 independent accountancy firms to join Xeinadin, all had to move into brand new companies. “I knew if I could move one company then I would have the skill and ability to complete this task for another 121 companies.”

And thanks to his resilience and ability to perform under pressure – further traits associated with ADHD which he has harnessed – he had the confidence to overcome any challenges, which were uniformly met with creative solutions, as he continues:

“How do you get 122 independent accounting firms to share a vision in record time? A normal mindset may choose to plan and layout a vision, going out and visiting each firm individually, which would be time-consuming and costly. I was able to do it in one go, completing the task from the comfort of my own home and without having to spend vast budgets on travel. I did this simply by adding everyone into a WhatsApp group and herding them all. Gathering everyone proved successful. When one executive agreed, the others quickly followed suit. “Many of these accountancy firms had existed for decades and had big histories. Understandably, this was a big upheaval for the accountants, yet they remained totally committed to my vision.”

This is Nahaboo’s ‘secret magic power’ – the ability to bring together large groups. Often dubbed as a ‘corporate Pied Piper’, he draws upon the abilities gifted him by his ADHD to create major followings. “When people follow, they follow with intensity and high levels of motivation,” he notes.

And as the formation of Alitam in late 2019 attests, Nahaboo doesn’t rest. His unconventional working methods see him creating new businesses whilst he is still working on other major projects. Replicating his Xeinadin OMMM model within the pharmacy industry, he harnessed his ADHD so he could manage both models simultaneously with substantial numbers in both. Remarkably, and as with Xeinadin, the consolidation of over 100 pharmacy stores into Alitam took him less than one year to achieve.

Building trust

Despite his proven successes, however, Nahaboo admits that he has faced challenges from some prospective clients who have found it hard to embrace his far-seeing vision. Not all individuals are receptive to his distinct personality and there are those who find him ‘unorthodox’. These are people whom he describes as the “most conservative”; ones who “haven’t, perhaps, achieved that much themselves and are, therefore, often frightened to look beyond their next footstep. Most likely, they just haven’t been exposed to many personalities like me! This is why it is imperative for me to create a working relationship based on trust,” he says.

He is able to gain this trust by “keeping the channels of communication open and by being transparent”.

He continues:

This tried-and-tested method has worked well for Nahaboo, as you can glean from his many client endorsements. Along with extolling his drive and momentum, the word ‘trust’ is a term that also comes up regularly.

Manging your ADHD as an entrepreneur

For an entrepreneur to manage their ADHD, Nahaboo advises that it is imperative they make certain lifestyle changes to better utilise their strengths while dealing with their weaknesses. This can be dependent on the type of symptoms displayed but, overall, making such adjustments can help both with work and life balance, as he explains.

1. Prioritising Your Day
It is said that a common trait amongst people with ADHD is that they feel all tasks are important. Recognising this, Nahaboo says that it is important to break these tasks down under three different categories:

Time – are there any time-sensitive tasks which need to be prioritised over the others? Do you have a fast deadline approaching? If so, that is what you complete first.

Impact – if you were to leave a task incomplete, how would that affect the rest of your project or others around you?

Complexity – how complicated or difficult is the task? The more complicated the task, requiring more time and effort to complete, the more you will need to be proactive.

2. Managing Your Distractions
Nahaboo advises that you make it a habit to take time out to evaluate your day and asses your environment or situations which may cause distraction or frustration. By doing this, you are able to find solutions for any problems, thus creating a healthier work environment for yourself. Even the smaller thing such as having a less-cluttered desk can have a huge impact on how you focus.

3. Take Care Of Yourself
Nahaboo also says that it is important to take time out of your day just for you. “You are your own boss so you will be able to manage your own schedule,” he advises. “This can be first thing in the morning, afternoon, or whenever you feel overwhelmed and need to dial it back. Exercise, go to the gym, eat, go out for some fresh air, or simply just have a power nap. This will help refresh your mind and improve your focus so that you are ready to carry on your day. “Evaluate yourself, ask yourself what is holding you back? Express yourself, be innovative, and be creative. There is so much more that you can offer the world. “Are you making decisions based on what is already out there, what has already been done, or are you going to be an innovator and break the mould creating something new and amazing? Be honest with yourself about what you’re doing and why you are doing it.”

4. Be Mindful Of Your Weaknesses
We all have strengths but Nahaboo says it is equally important to harness your weaknesses and make them into strengths. This could be to do with your listening skills, for example, where perhaps you have a tendency to interrupt when someone else is speaking.

5. Breaking Projects Down

Nahaboo says that with the immense effort that goes into being a successful entrepreneur, coupled with his ADHD, he implements a meticulous procedure to ensure that he is able to complete large projects quickly and successfully. Whilst the overall job is extensive, he breaks it down into small-scale tasks which contribute to the overall success of the project. Taking the reins and focussing his energy on these smaller tasks allows him to hone his focus and attention – a clever way of managing ADHD.

Embracing ADHD

Nahaboo’s success speaks for itself; a testament to his abilities as an entrepreneur living with ADHD. The truly inspiring thing is that he also sets out to inspire others. He attempts to “influence, encourage, inspire, motivate, and enthuse” those around him, from clients to budding entrepreneurs, to participate, partake and become as successful as he is. “Working on your weaknesses makes you a better entrepreneur and person,” he concludes.


Ray McSharry – Building the Future Today

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Ray McSharry joins the OMMG Executive Board.

With great fanfare, the OMMG today announced the appointment of renowned pharmacist Ray McSharry to the Executive Board. He brings an exemplary strategic ability and future focus to the role, together with an enviable track record as the founder of the McSharry Group, the largest indigenous pharmacy group in the west of Ireland. Ray also sports a crucial understanding of the workings of the OMM model through his active membership of Alitam, the 200+ merger of UK and Ireland pharmacies, the first of its kind in the world.

Says OMMG founder Feisal Nahaboo, “Ray was my number one target when headhunting pharmacy groups in Ireland with proven specialisms and expertise. And, along with his renowned operational ability, came a person of such ambition and integrity, with a passion for what’s possible in the future. He’s long been inspiring fellow entrepreneurial pharmacists, and now he’s inspiring the entire OMMG management team. He perfectly espouses the ethos of the OMMG, which is to push beyond the boundaries and build businesses which fully serve their customers and communities way into the future. Ray doesn’t just have brains, he’s got tremendous ambition and belief in the model. Having Ray by my side is a ringing endorsement of everything we stand for at the OMMG.”

Says Ray, “I was always a believer in the OMM model, but now I’ve personally witnessed 200 pharmacies merged in record time, I’ve taken that belief to another level. I’m absolutely blown away by the power of this way of doing business. Feisal makes it look so simple, but his visionary thinking and peerless eye for opportunity are matched by an extraordinary energy and work ethic. I find it incredibly inspiring to be launching not just one, but several, game-changing businesses through the OMM model. Feisal has assembled a board of astonishing talent and levels of experience, and it’s an honour to serve alongside them as we take the world by storm.”

Mike Ogilvie – Leading with Charisma

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Mike Ogilvie appointed to the OMMG strategic board.

Renowned international speaker, and doyen of the accountancy world, Mike Ogilvie today joins the list of talented figures on the OMMG strategic board. He has a firm reputation for adding value through his proactive and forward-thinking accountancy business X5; which was part of the first overnight multiple merger model called Xeinadin. This was a 122-firm accountancy merger formed in June 2019.

Mike is deeply involved with Xeinadin, as Regional Hub Director, and also brings priceless experience of the care home sector to the OMMG table. “I have worked with a large number of care homes all over England and Wales,” explains Mike. “I know many of the senior figures and have learnt a huge amount from them. I’m looking forward to contributing my experience and insights as Merios becomes a leading presence in the care home sector.”

With an eager following on the international business event circuit, it’s no surprise Mike has a charisma and charm appreciated by his loyal clientele – and the OMMG founder, Feisal Nahaboo. “Mike is passionate about increasing the profitability of businesses,” says Feisal. “He brings people along with his enthusiasm, and every day inspires faith in our futuristic vision. He’s backed the OMM model from day one and already contributed so many insights, mined from his vast experience. He’s a delight to work with and will be instrumental to the OMMG’s stellar success.”

Mike rejoins, “Feisal has an ability to see angles others don’t. As such he enables people to think differently and develop completely new strategies. I call it ‘the power of possible’ thinking – and it’s an extremely rare ability. There’s no doubt that, driven by this talent and Feisal’s unstoppable energy, together with such a talented management team, the OMMG will be a name on so many lips in the near future – and for years to come.”

Arnold Wylie – Financial Director of the OMMG

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Arnold Wylie appointed FD of the OMMG.

One of the UK’s impressive figures in accountancy, Arnold Wylie, has been appointed FD of the visionary Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG). He boasts an illustrious career as an accountant and, latterly, as a key player in the launch of Alitam, the 200+ UK and Ireland pharmacy group. Arnold is a proven deliverer and right-hand man of the OMMG founder, Feisal Nahaboo, and his experience and accountancy acumen are second to none.

“There are few to match Arnold, he is one of the best I’ve ever worked with,” says Feisal. “He can take my vision and translate that into an intricately detailed financial model to show how it will develop over a ten-year timeframe. His practical knowledge and brain power is astonishing. Arnold was instrumental in the set up of Alitam, even though he and I had minimal resources. He is a fully fledged member of Xeinadin (the first OMM model comprising 122 accountancy firms). He’s solid, trustworthy and incredibly optimistic. He really does flip problems into elegant solutions. We are all honoured to have Arnold’s towering intellect and formidable experience to guide us towards success.”

Says Arnold, “Feisal is one of the most inspiring and trustworthy people I have worked with. He sees into the future, spotting those killer opportunities which radically transform businesses and industries. We work seamlessly, as I attend to putting his vision into practice. I’ve worked at Price Waterhouse Cooper, among others, and run my own successful accountancy firm, now part of Xeinadin, so I have seen many business figures, and many ideas, come and go. However, Feisal and the OMMG are a real force to be reckoned with. I will be unstinting in my efforts to propel the OMMG to achieve its grandest ambitions.”

Waseem Yasin – An Accountant of Consummate Skill

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Waseem Yasin, Director of Riley Moss Accountants, and member of the accountancy group Xeinadin, is announced as the Financial Director of the pioneering care home group Merios.

With Waseem’s renowned forensic accounting ability, deep knowledge and experience of the overnight multiple merger (OMM) process, and fierce passion for the model, this appointment is a real coup for Merios, a planned consolidation of over 200 care homes across the UK and Ireland.

Waseem’s appointment reflects the outstanding contribution he made in launching the first OMM, the 122-accountancy firm merger Xeinadin, and the instrumental role he played in establishing the second consolidation, of over 200+ pharmacies, to create Alitam. “I’m one of the original believers,” smiles Waseem, “having joined Xeinadin in June 2019. The model was so enticing, a stellar example of ‘outside the box’ thinking. I’d been in business many years, but never seen anything quite like this . The beauty of the OMM model is that it creates exponential value, seemingly from nothing. It’s completely unique, matchless in the business world.”

So passionate was Waseem about the opportunities the OMM affords, he actively recruited members for Alitam, and guided them through the membership process. “Furthermore, I’m an investor not just in Alitam, but also the OMMG,” continues Waseem. “I’m delighted to be part of something so extraordinary and help shape it, bringing my previous experience and understanding of the intricacies of the model to the Merios board.” Indeed, Waseem has invaluable first-hand knowledge of the potency of the Merios proposition. “Of course, there’s the initial benefit of consolidation, with inherent growth and a huge uplift in terms of value,” he says. “But then there’s phase two, the roll-up strategy where, as a sizeable group, you acquire further members and take business benefits to the next level. I’ve experienced it with Xeinadin and am perfectly placed to help guide Merios to the top 5 position it deserves.”

Merios founder, and founder of the OMMG, Feisal Nahaboo is clearly delighted with his signing. “Waseem is a very special accountant, widely celebrated for his detailed approach and a master at solving the most intractable financial problems, no matter how demanding the situation. He’s got an eye for detail, but also the big picture and he’s an inspiring team player. I know I speak for all of the board when I say what a delight it is to work with such an honourable, humble and trustworthy figure. In addition, his experience makes him perfectly poised to help build Merios, as he diligently guides us through this complex process. His appointment is proof, if any was needed, that Merios is set to redefine the standard of care home provision, and change this landscape for good.”

Tour de force Melinda Atkinson rises to the Executive Board

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The OMMG (Overnight Multiple Merger Group) today announced the promotion of Mel Atkinson, Director of the Lucentum Group and current Strategic Board director, to the Executive Board.

This move is in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the OMMG to date, and her deep passion for the revolutionary model.

Says Melinda, “I love to be involved with change, embracing new ideas and new ways of working. It’s a great joy to be able to contribute blue-sky thinking to this ground-breaking group as further models take shape. I’m delighted to accompany such a talented management team. Together we form a cohesive board of Executive Directors, united in our belief in
Feisal’s vision. Our focus is very much on finding solutions and executing them at speed.”

Melinda founded her distinctive accountancy firm, Lucentum, in 2009 with an ethos which perfectly fits that of the OMMG. “Melinda’s business showed a unique focus on added-value services, going far beyond the mainstream compliance-based services,” says OMMG founder Feisal Nahaboo. “As such she’s perfectly poised to help drive new sources of income to the OMMG and build a robust P&L account.”

Early on, Melinda’s talent was strikingly clear, and she was appointed regional director of Xeinadin (the 122-firm accountancy merger which launched in 2019). In this role she was instrumental in preparing accountancy firms for the highly successful merger process. The first of its kind and she continues to support her regional firms to find solutions to work more closely together and strengthening both their presence and performance levels.

Following this great success of Xeinadin, Melinda was inspired to take an active role in the formation of subsequent models, and their roll out in the UK and Ireland. Says Feisal, “Melinda and I have a meeting of minds. She is a valued partner in the quest for pioneering business solutions. Her faith in the model is galvanising us all, and she is already highly respected and valued by everyone in the management team. We welcome her to the Executive Board with the fanfare such a rare talent deserves.”

Former Sportingbet CEO joins OMMG as NED

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Nigel Payne, aged 61, is the former CEO of FTSE “101” Listed Sportingbet Plc, one of the largest Internet gambling businesses in the world. Nigel joined Sportingbet in May 2000 as Group Finance Director and was promoted to Group Chief Executive in October 2001.

Nigel steered the Company through three fundraisings, its initial listing on AIM, the acquisition of five major businesses across several countries (the USA, Australia, Central America and the UK) and the transformation of Sportingbet from a company with a market capitalisation of £60m in 2001 to £2.8bn in 2006 when he stood down as the CEO.

Nigel’s hobbies include mountain climbing, cycling, Formula 1 Motor Racing, table tennis, eating the very best food and drinking fine wines. A former international table tennis player, in recent years Nigel has successfully completed his fourth successful ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as a 1,000 mile bike ride from London to Monte Carlo, a 600-mile bike ride from north to south Portugal and a descent and ascent of the Grand Canyon – raising just over £1m for charity in the process.

Nigel says, “I’m extremely excited to play my part in helping such a unique and exciting venture that is OMMG. A real paradigm shift in corporate dynamics and a privilege to be part of.”

On Nigels appointment, OMMG founder Feisal Nahaboo said; “I’m truly inspired by Nigel’s business achievements. His imminent OMMG non-executive director (NED) appointment is a massive boost to our OMMG boardroom as we benefit from his experience in taking Sportingbet from £60m FTSE market listing to a £2.8bn valuation in record time.

As a former FTSE101 CEO and FD, he adds immense credibility, recognition and reputation as we plan a worldwide roll-out of the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM). I’m privileged to have founded Xeinadin and Alitam, a 122-strong independent accountancy firm and 200+ pharmacy store overnight mergers. However, to date I’ve restricted the OMMG model to the UK and Ireland jurisdictions. Nigel launched Sportingbet across almost 200 countries worldwide and his early inclusion in the OMMG drive will maximise the group’s expertise to evolve this futuristic business model worldwide. This model is best rolled out in saturated industries lacking consolidation and is effective in any country worldwide.

Importantly, Nigel is a very likeable character. He is down to earth, grounded and speaks a simple but inspiring language that will rally many others into action. There’s a reason he has been so successful and it’s a pleasure we have the opportunity to be guided and supported by him.”

An illustrious line up

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Feisal Nahaboo reveals the OMMG board.

Feisal Nahaboo, founder of the Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG), has detailed the illustrious line up for his Executive and Strategic Boards. Comprising 20
highly sought-after and influential operators in diverse fields of business, this robust board clearly signals Feisal’s intent to make the Overnight Multiple Merger Model one of the leading business models of the future. All 20 Directors were approached and appointed within a 48-hour process. Collectively they form a 2-tier, high level management structure.

As Feisal says, “I’ve painstakingly built a powerhouse of strategic and visionary capabilities to steer the group into exciting new waters. Through the incredibly successful launch of Xeinadin and Alitam, the OMM (Overnight Multiple Merger) model is already proven to be an astounding success. It’s shaken the investment world into a new way of thinking. With this board of exceptional talent, I’m completely confident in the ability of the OMMG to further disrupt and innovate; offering new, more efficient ways of working in prominent industries, while reaping significant financial benefits for all involved.”

The board feature leading lights of the accountancy world, including and not limited, to Bob Stebbings, Mukesh Pandit, Arnold Wylie, Jim O’Donovan, Jim Baker and Mike Ogilvie. They are joined by luminaries of the pharmacy industry such as David McNally, Ray McSharry, Peter Weedle, and Sukhjit Gill. The Executive and Strategic boards reflect an important balance of key players in both the UK and Irish markets; Ireland being a gateway to Europe and beyond, allowing companies to capitalise on the significant opportunities available post Brexit.

‘A force of nature’: Feisal Nahaboo, the man behind the OMMG

With his signature energy and creative vision, Feisal established the OMM models in 2018. “Throughout my career, I’ve worked with some of the world greats – one of which was Dr Stephen Covey. They saw something in me and they always encouraged me to take my thinking to the next level,” explains Feisal. “With the OMMG I feel I’m achieving this goal, launching a brand new, dynamic business model of the future. One which offers the fastest way to build profitable, reputable and sizeable businesses overnight by headhunting the best operators in their respective industries.”

In 2018, in a move both unprecedented and unforeseen, Feisal founded Xeinadin, a 122-company accountancy merger overnight. This was followed by Alitam, a 200-strong pharmacy store merger just a year later. Alitam is set to be a Top 5 player, and has ambitions of FTSE 100 listing in the next five years. On the back of these successes, Feisal is readying the OMMG for its stellar stock market listing launch in 2022, backed by his own tireless determination, and that of his exemplary board.

The elite Executive Board will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, while the Non-Executive Board will focus on its strategic development. They will be strengthening the value proposition of the OMMG, acting as a support team for all subsequent OMM models and helping with their structure and development. Non-Executive Board members will also act as intermediaries in approaching, inspiring and encouraging potential entrants. Their diverse range of skillsets, spanning both the Accounting and Pharmacy worlds, more than equip them for this task.

The Executive Board in Full

Feisal Nahaboo


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Bob Stebbings


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Arnold Wylie

Interim Financial Director

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Jim O’Donnovan

Non Executive

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Jim Baker

Senior Independent Director

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Ray McSharry

Head of Corporate Governance

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Dominic Barretto

External Advisor

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OMMG Strategic Board

Peter Weedle


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Melinda Atkinson


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Billy Mulhern


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Mukesh Pandit


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Mike Ogilvie


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Sukhijit Gill


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Patrick Corry


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Raj Patel


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Waseem Yasin


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Kalpen Patel


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David Houston


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Peter Pring


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David McNally


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Paul Bushell


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The birth of a corporate miracle

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Insight into the Overnight Multiple Merger Model and its latest success, Alitam.

The brainchild of Feisal Nahaboo, one of the UK’s leading business strategists, the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) is a world first: merging a significant number of companies into one group at low cost in record time. Each OMMM is planned to obtain major market share on consolidation. It offers a low-risk vehicle for high profit after tax (PAT) and the ability to pay high dividends.

Hailed as a ‘corporate miracle’ by industry insiders, the very first OMMM realised was the Xeinadin Group, a 122 strong independent accountancy firm merger, overnight on 31st May 2019.

“This is a futuristic business model, enabling us to build businesses quickly at low cost, while creating enormous top end values.” Feisal Nahaboo, Founder, the OMMG

Typically, merging companies proves to be highly challenging – requiring agreement on shared business principles, objectives, values and ongoing strategy. And yet, after a year of discreet planning, with competitors completely unaware of any activity, an industry-changing top 15 accountancy company was born. Harnessing so much specialist knowledge and experience has yielded many client benefits to date, as firms consolidate their services. The latest cloud-based technology enables 122 accountancy offices to integrate and merge more easily than ever before. In short, this allows the accountancy OMMM firm to deliver ‘global knowledge with a local touch.’

One of a kind

Each OMMM is built with no planned debt. Thus making it far more robust and attractive to third party investment. Any future profitable entrants as acquisitions are planned on an annual basis. Crucially, it’s a highly trustworthy enterprise, involving very skilled, experienced operators with close scrutiny by industry regulators. This unique model is impossible to replicate without inside knowledge; creating enormous value in its licensing ability and major competitive advantage for those who license the model through the OMMG. For the companies involved it offers a wide array of exceptional benefits such as: economies of scale and cost efficiencies to enhance profits; the pooling of exceptional talent and knowledge; and the ability, as an ‘industry disruptor’, to innovate and gain greater market share.

Introducing Alitam: the Pharmacy of the Future

And now to a defining moment in the Pharmacy industry. The overnight creation of Alitam, a merger of 46 highly successful UK and Ireland Pharmacy groups (cumulatively over 200 pharmacy stores) in total, with the clear and unique vision to be the ‘Pharmacy of the Future.’

Only with the OMMM can such a disruptive move be realised. With Alitam, the great potential of the Pharmacy sector can truly be tapped; using analytics and the latest technology to widen the remit of pharmacies, empower patients, ease the burden on the NHS and maximise profitability and market share.

Alitam is steered by an exceptional management team. All have been identified and head hunted by the founder. Known as the Queen’s ‘right hand man’, Sir Ken Olisa (OBE) acts as Alitam Group chairman outside his role as London’s Lord Lieutenant, where he manages the Royal Family’s duties.
Formerly on Reuter’s FTSE100 executive board, and now a non-exec Huawei board member, Sir Ken Olisa is a true believer in the group’s vision and the expanding role of pharmacy following covid-19. Others on the board include Oonagh O’Hagan, who has built a leading online pharmacy based in Dublin, Ireland. FD Simon Newton has formidable experience of the London stock exchange listing process. Whilst Sanjay and Mitul Patel run a large group of 40+ pharmacy stores. Patrick McCormack was former CEO of the Sam McCauley group, the largest independent pharmacy in Eire at the time. And board consultants include Michael Guerin, who owns the largest independent group in Northern Ireland, Medicare. With such talent, experience and creative vision at the helm, everybody from investor to company director to the NHS and, of course, the customer visiting their local store will benefit.

“Now we have one united, leading pharmacy-based services provider, motivated by an unprecedented, visionary opportunity to work together as one stronger entity towards a common goal.” Feisal Nahaboo

In fact, Alitam serves as a spotlight on so many of the benefits of an OMMM. The merger involved a multi-million pound consolidation of 46 groups, with over 200 stores, and an aspiration to build a FTSE100 company within 5 years. Some groups have over 40 stores, others are standalone businesses, but serve large communities in key locations. A projected £15m of savings has been achieved through: streamlining overheads; shared software licenses and regulation costs; insurance savings; creation of own brand Alitam products; and a cohesive marketing, promotion and recruitment strategy among others.

It opens the way to pioneering healthcare: with initiatives such as remote dispensing robots; offerings such as podiatry, audiology and physiotherapy; and community-level health programmes. A source of great pride is the early involvement of Alitam in the Covid-19 vaccination programme; their work has helped to significantly reduce the spread of Covid-19 and associated deaths. Beyond the impressive vaccination drive of local Alitam pharmacies, they have been a tour de force in their communities during the pandemic – remaining open and of great help to people while GPs’ services were much reduced. Alitam shows how pharmacies can rise to the challenge of a global emergency; providing a bedrock of support to individuals and the NHS as a whole.

Alitam is also forging ahead with a strong ethos of sustainability, with a variety of recycling and renewable energy policies including fleets of fully electric vehicles.

Investor licensing opportunities

In an exciting new development, the OMMG are currently licensing the model beyond Xeinadin and Alitam; offering high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and equity directors of successful companies the opportunity to buy a license to operate an OMMM, with a down payment of £3-5m. The OMMG will work alongside investors, as a proven business partner, to build the business yield to a predicted £200m of ‘additional value’ within 12-24 months, which nets investors an opportunity for substantial ongoing returns.

Alternatively, investment can be made in the OMMG itself, thus investors would hold shares in all future, debt-free and highly profitable OMMMs.

Witnessing more miracles

With further OMMMs planned in the Nursing Home, Veterinary and Legal sector, to name but a few, there can be little doubt we are witnessing not just one, but many, corporate miracles.

Delivering a seismic change for good; not just for the investment sector, but for the economy as a whole.

Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG) launches the ‘leading business model of the future.

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The OMM Group has officially launched the ‘new overnight multiple merger model’. Whilst the model has been successfully operating for almost 2 years, the company has officially made the model available for licensing across all industries and across all countries worldwide.

The principle of the model is to simultaneously merge a substantial number of successful and profitable companies operating within the same industry.

The OMM Group will now work with extremely ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to build an immediate ‘corporate giant’ at low cost, maximum speed and with substantial profit and value.

The cost of ambitious entrepreneurs licensing the model ranges between £10m and £50m, and can be funded through a smaller upfront payment. The balance can be paid with the incremental value created by the model.

Traditionally, merging two companies can be extremely challenging as both sets of management teams need to agree on several business principles, objectives, values, and ongoing business strategy.

The ability to merge over 100 companies overnight has been described as a corporate miracle, something no human has ever achieved or probably attempted. The first miracle existed with the formulation of the Xeinadin Group, a 122-accountancy firm overnight merger. Whilst the planning of the merger took over one year, the execution of the model took place overnight on 31st May 2020.

The official Xeinadin consolidation on 1st June 2020 became the largest of its type in world history. Over 200 equity accountancy directors were involved with the substantial transaction, with all agreeing to a shared vision, shared business strategy and timeline.

Many believed the miracle was a one-off, yet founder Feisal Nahaboo repeated the ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ in pharmacy with approximately 200 UK and Ireland pharmacies merging overnight. Both models were built discreetly with competitors unable to see the speed or intensity of both models new emerging market rival. Both models consolidated within 18 months of each other, creating two potential leading businesses in their respective industries.

Each merger model is built with no planned debt. This is extremely rare and unusual, but makes the business more robust and attractive to third party investment, including worldwide market listings.

Each OMM model is built to be extremely credible, with highly skilled and qualified operators running each of its locations. By example, Xeinadin is a Chartered Accountancy business with hundreds of qualified personnel. It is regulated by ICAEW. Alitam is a pharmacy business. Alitam is also highly regulated with the business employing a significant number of superintendents.

The OMM Group has carefully systematised the entire implementation process of the model enabling licensing to be most effective. The model is impossible to replicate without inside knowledge, creating enormous value in its licensing ability and major competitive advantage for those who license the model through OMM Group.

The Group founder Feisal said:

“We’ve created not just one, but two successful operations now. We have the knowledge and experience of launching both models. The OMM works fantastically well. We needed less than a handful of staff to build and deliver two major movements in two respectable industries in accountancy and pharmacy.”

Both were built in an incredibly challenging 2020 period. We can help build substantial businesses fast with low cost whilst creating enormous top end values. This is a new futuristic business model and on launch we expect a substantial number of enquiries on licensing our business strategy and business model. Entrepreneurs can negotiate terms for a license.

Down payment will be a seven-figure sum and in return, we aim to create £200m+ of additional value within 12-24 months of signing and substantially more thereafter.