“The most prudent way to look into the future is to build it yourself”

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Feisal is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, and the originator of the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM), which is taking the business world by storm and driving up industry standards. Raised on a council estate in Bracknell, Feisal is a fervent believer in the power of determination, self belief and hard work. The results of this approach speak for themselves. He gained a BA Honours at Kingston University, and an MBA at Reading University, initially as a management consultant to accountants in practice. He went on to present ingenious strategic ideas to over 100,000 UK-based businesses; and helped transform individual accountancy firms so they could better meet the diverse needs of their clients. 

In 2018, Feisal pioneered a radical new approach to business mergers – coining the term the ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ to describe the unique method, which he devised working from his bedroom with ‘not much more than a pen, some paper and my brain’. He and his team (of just two others), painstakingly selected 122 entrants to join an accountancy merger, conducted all due diligence and financial and legal tasks, and had a fully-fledged marketing campaign ready to go. All of this took just one year, with Xeinadin appearing as if ‘out of nowhere overnight’ on publicly announcing the consolidation. Within just two years, Xeinadin has become a Top 12 accountancy firm and is setting new standards for the accountancy sector.

Feisal is currently engaged in rolling out other OMM models and, with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, plans to return to the international speaking circuit. His inspirational book ‘How to build a Top 12 business in 256 days’ will hit bookstores in Q2 2022 and can be pre-ordered here

Feisal is a dedicated family man, dedicated semi-professional golfer, and is well-known for his charisma, energy and approachable manner. He lives in Berkshire with his family and dogs.

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Feisal has become a very prominent and highly successful businessmen motivating and enthusing thousands of UK businessman from the stage. Audience after audience has gathered to listen to Feisal’s ideas on building wealth and subsequently his ideas have stimulated accountants and lawyers who have passed such ideas onto their clients.

Feisal presenting his wealth management methodology prior to Covey presenting ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’, in front of a sell-out London audience

Feisal & Dr Stephen Covey event covered by Sky News

Feisal & Dr Stephen Covey

Known for his academic excellence and for being one of the UK’s leading thinkers in his field, Feisal has lead the way in professional service industries such as accountancy, whilst the world of sport has paid much attention to his presentations on unconventional methods to strategically develop businesses.

World strategic gurus have presented with Feisal as he continues to set new fashionable business models and concepts to enhance both business and personal development. His work has been well in demand, and not surprisingly, some of the country’s best businessmen have either aligned with him or sought his business ideas. He has presented twice on stage with one of the world’s greatest ever business thinkers, Dr Stephen Covey, who has since sadly passed away in recent times. He wrote arguably the best business book of all time, 7 Habits of highly effective people. Dr Stephen Covey enjoyed Feisal’s style and motivational ability so much that he presented with him twice in front of large audiences in the UK.

‘Passive Income Effect’

Feisal is renowned for his enthusiasm, motivation, self-drive, integrity and fresh profitable business concepts.

Indeed the accountancy profession has already embraced his ‘Passive Income Effect’ with magnificent results. As you know accountants have immense integrity and are often hard to please as their expectations are very high. Yet Feisal has revolutionised the way accountants work. Day-by-day accountants are enquiring about how they can learn from Feisal – the man who has awakened a sleeping profession.

Thousands of UK professionals and businessmen attend Feisal’s events every year for the past decade

BBC Dragons Theo Paphitis and James Caan

Feisal has also worked on stage with current and former BBC Dragons Theo Paphitis and James Caan. Feisal was involved with the launch of an entrepreneur degree at Huddersfield University which he and Paphitis announced at press conferences. Feisal believed sharing real experience and knowledge with the youth in the UK was key to the future of the country’s entrepreneurial ability. Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding also shared the stage with Feisal as they motivated audiences in focusing on driving real wealth.

Feisal announces his support in the launch of the Entrepreneur Degree

Day-by-day accountants are enquiring about how they can learn from Feisal

The man who has awakened a sleeping profession

It has been said:

“You will profit to be on his side than to sit and watch his work make money for others….”

Feisal’s main work has been with accountancy practices. He has helped accountants to think outside the norm. Such solutions have enabled accountants to add real value with their clients. In other words, Feisal helps bring quality opportunities to accountants in order to help them build relations with their clients, whilst their practices grow.

Feisal works beyond accountants. He has stimulated growth in several industries by advising and coaching tens of thousands of SME commercial businesses. Wherever he walks and talks, Feisal is supported and endorsed.

It has been said: “You will profit to be on his side than to sit and watch his work make money for others….”

Despite his young age of 40, Feisal has already achieved MORE in some areas of business than some strategic gurus have achieved over their lifetime. Feisal expects more and more world-class strategists to align with him – a UK-born and bred leader in business development. Feisal’s specialist areas involve profit development, strategic development, business-modelling, marketing , wealth management, franchising businesses, business consultancy and entrepreneurial ability. Over 500 leading professional brands have aligned themselves with Feisal over the 15 years. Many have given Feisal glowing endorsements for the results he creates and the integrity he breathes.

Feisal has entered the world of sport. He has been endorsed by several sporting clubs, sporting governing bodies and several leading sports stars who act as Ambassadors of Feisal’s work. He is a very likeable character who has both a serious and fun style to his work. He has competed alongside major sporting stars and legends in golf in recent years, including all time premier league goalscorer Alan Shearer, Former England Manager Kevin Keegan, Peter Schmeichel and Dwight Yorke of Manchester United.

He has also played against West Indian Cricket legends Brian Lara/Sir Viv Richards/Sir Richie Richardson and Sir Gary Sobers. Feisal has also partnered with LMA (League Managers Association) and has supported a number of sporting initiatives through his attendance.

Feisal & Roy Hodgson (England football manager) both support LMA event encouraging young children to develop through sport

Feisal & Kevin Keegan (former England football manager) share a moment as Keegan congratulates Feisal on winning the 2015 LMA golf tournament

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