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How to build a top 12 business in 256 days

This is the definitive guide to becoming a millionaire in just 256 days. For the first time, every single step and piece of critical insight and advice is given in one book. Feisal is a leading light in the financial world, with a wealth of accounting and entrepreneurial experience to share. And, throughout this book, his energy, positivity and cleverness shines through. In ten meticulously researched chapters, he sets out how to create an inordinately successful business – when, in conventional terms, the business is just a start up. Every single step is backed up by real-world evidence from the highly successful businesses Feisal himself has built, and continues to build. 

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A must-read for any aspiring or established entrepreneur wanting to build large companies fast and in a cost effective manner.”

This book covers all the ground you need beneath your feet when launching a large, successful business. I recommend you read it once, then again and keep it to hand throughout your entrepreneurial journey.”

I found answers to so many questions in this book. Answers I wish I’d had when launching my own business years ago. I highly recommend it.”

Feisal gives us his hard-won wisdom in this comprehensive guide. It’s full of information but easy to read and digest.”

It’s obvious now how Feisal built a top 12 in 256 working days. Read how he achieved it and you won’t look back.”

This is such a well written book, even complex ideas are broken down into everyday speak. It’s full of wisdom but highly enjoyable. I hope he releases more books soon. We can all learn from him.”

Feisal’s passion and energy shine through in this inspiring book. Surely his achievement can never be rivalled…256 days?!”

Throughly recommended, a vital guide which almost guarantees success if you can implement his ideas.”

His work and ideas can save us all money and years of time…no one has ever done this, I’m so grateful that Feisal is willing to share his deep business secrets with us. The book is amazing.”

This is the closest you’ll get to that encouraging hand on your shoulder, guiding you through the good times and the bad. Priceless.”

I’ve known Feisal many years and have often asked him to write such a book. I thought it would be informative, inspiring and exciting – and I was right. Surely it’s not possible to turn a start up into a top 12 in just 256 working days? Well I was wrong about that.”

Far and away the business book of the year. Buy a copy for your family members and inspire everyone to achieve the unthinkable.”

If you only read one book on starting a business, make it this one. Learn the most effective way to scale and leverage and reach the top fast.”

Many of us have ideas. None of us seem to have enough time. But here Feisal shows how you can pull off your game-changing business idea, in literally just one year of working days. Thank you Feisal. So many future successes are down to you.”

So many books out there about achieving your dreams, becoming really successful…but they never really show you how. Feisal’s book does. It’s a blueprint for success.”

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