Alitam is pleased to announce that a selection of its members are in the process of being approved to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.

Communities across England will benefit from this decision as the country records its largest daily infection rate and deaths, as statistics surpass the initial lockdown and wave 1 between March and July 2020.

Alitam Deputy Chairman and Next Gen of Clockwork Pharmacy Group ; Dhruv Patel OBE said: “The government has finally made a decision to include a selection of community pharmacies to deliver the COVID-19 vaccinations. The Clockwork Pharmacy Branch in Mare Street, Hackney Central, London E8 has been provisionally approved to be part of the programme. We are delighted to be contributing our services to help save lives in our community.”

Pharmacist and Managing Director of Clockwork Pharmacy, Prashant Patel said: “All three vaccines have now been authorised for use in the UK. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant level of increased traffic into community pharmacy, so it was a surprise that pharmacy contractors were not on the initial list of the vaccination rollout. Community pharmacists want to continue their frontline role and delivering COVID-19 vaccinations is relevant as the local communities trust us to serve them best. We can now help the country to reduce infections and deaths by helping to vaccinate communities and reduce the spread of this deadly virus. Our staff participating in the COVID-19 programme will be appropriately trained in accordance to guidelines set centrally.”

A limited number of pharmacies in England will be authorised to offer COVID-19 vaccinations from January 2021. Pharmacies will be asked to deliver at least 1,000 doses a week.

However, the select few will need to conform to a list of requirements. By example, there will be core site and workforce requirements such as service seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm.

Alitam pharmacies will receive £12.58 per vaccination and double this quantum for patients receiving two doses. Doses may take place about a month in between. Protective equipment, vaccines, and consumables will all
be provided centrally.

Patients will be able to book their vaccinations at a primary care network general practice site or use the national booking service to have the vaccine at an Alitam community pharmacy designated site.

Alitam urges the Government to roll out a walk in program to all Pharmacies who currently provide flu vaccination services. On the basis of each participating pharmacy administering just ten vaccines a day, the total per day vaccinated in pharmacy would be in the region of 100,000.