My journey in creating Merios

It’s no coincidence that the last few months of my life have, in part, been devoted to setting up Merios: a planned consolidation of over 140 individual care homes offering superior levels of care. Both my parents ran an exceptional care home in Crowthorne, Ravenswood Village, so you could say care homes are in my blood. I personally lived inside Ravenswood as a child, so I was raised alongside the residents between the ages of 5 and 10. We did so much together. We went for group walks, danced at discos, travelled to theatre productions, featured in festive plays and even played football! I built a real rapport with these wonderful people. Always mindful of the extra mile my parents went to make them feel comfortable and, above all, loved.

So, when I was exploring industries to disrupt with my Overnight Multiple Merger (OMM) model, where I could raise standards and introduce innovations and more efficient ways of running the business, the care home world came to mind. Having already launched Xeinadin, a 122-independent accountancy firm merger, ‘overnight’; then a consolidation of over 100 leading pharmacies into Alitam, ‘the pharmacy of the future’, I knew I could deliver a similar kind of game-changer. What’s more, close links had been forged, over many years, with Alitam pharmacies as they delivered prescriptions, and advice, to many care homes. Thus Alitam became the trusted advisers to provide an introduction to me, and my pioneering business model. Likewise, Alitam were able to give me a deeper awareness of the medical side of care provision, and highlight the importance of an established network of bona fide suppliers.

And then Covid-19 hit. We all saw how great the burden was on care homes during the pandemic. Now, my mission to build Merios became about rebuilding and reigniting this vital sector of our economy. And to offer our precious elderly generation the most rewarding life possible. Needless to say, I handpicked from amongst the best care homes. With the support of over 100 accountancy firms, and over 140 pharmacies, I’ve been able to headhunt those offering really impressive levels of expertise, specialisms and profitability. Each and every one of our care homes already goes above and beyond, offering residents a wonderful level of personal attention and care. But with Merios we are taking this further, bringing together some of the most passionate and experienced operators in the field in order to envision a new standard in care. Using our group power to reduce overheads so profits can be ploughed back into improving each care home offering. Harnessing the power of technology to enhance record keeping and free carers to spend more time with residents. In short, regenerating a tired model with boundless passion, expertise and future focus – for the good of all.

Very quickly I formulated the mission of Merios: to be the New Standard in care homes. Comprising a formidable group of visionaries who are regenerating a tired model with boundless passion, expertise and future focus. This is a saturated market, mired in antiquated ways of working and old ways of thinking. Merios will offer the elderly people of the UK and Ireland more control over their wellbeing, greater individual care and attention, and the quality of life this extraordinary generation deserve. With an ageing population in the UK and Ireland, this sector is extremely attractive to investors, and the time is right for Merios to make its mark.

The exchange of ideas and knowledge that the OMM model affords is priceless. I see every day how it can galvanise a profession (and yes, I do see caring as a profession), allowing an unprecedented amount of innovation and future-focus. We are witnessing a remodelling of healthcare in our communities, thanks to the capabilities of Alitam pharmacies. And I know we will see similar with regard to Merios and the care home sphere.

All of which will, I hope, make my parents proud. I created the name Merios by combining their first names – Mary and Osman, and I dedicate my third overnight merger to them. Having watched their amazing work throughout my childhood, I’m inspired to also go above and beyond. My dream is for Merios care homes to be an enduring testament to their tireless work.