Waseem Yasin, Director of Riley Moss Accountants, and member of the accountancy group Xeinadin, is announced as the Financial Director of the pioneering care home group Merios.

With Waseem’s renowned forensic accounting ability, deep knowledge and experience of the overnight multiple merger (OMM) process, and fierce passion for the model, this appointment is a real coup for Merios, a planned consolidation of over 200 care homes across the UK and Ireland.

Waseem’s appointment reflects the outstanding contribution he made in launching the first OMM, the 122-accountancy firm merger Xeinadin, and the instrumental role he played in establishing the second consolidation, of over 200+ pharmacies, to create Alitam. “I’m one of the original believers,” smiles Waseem, “having joined Xeinadin in June 2019. The model was so enticing, a stellar example of ‘outside the box’ thinking. I’d been in business many years, but never seen anything quite like this . The beauty of the OMM model is that it creates exponential value, seemingly from nothing. It’s completely unique, matchless in the business world.”

So passionate was Waseem about the opportunities the OMM affords, he actively recruited members for Alitam, and guided them through the membership process. “Furthermore, I’m an investor not just in Alitam, but also the OMMG,” continues Waseem. “I’m delighted to be part of something so extraordinary and help shape it, bringing my previous experience and understanding of the intricacies of the model to the Merios board.” Indeed, Waseem has invaluable first-hand knowledge of the potency of the Merios proposition. “Of course, there’s the initial benefit of consolidation, with inherent growth and a huge uplift in terms of value,” he says. “But then there’s phase two, the roll-up strategy where, as a sizeable group, you acquire further members and take business benefits to the next level. I’ve experienced it with Xeinadin and am perfectly placed to help guide Merios to the top 5 position it deserves.”

Merios founder, and founder of the OMMG, Feisal Nahaboo is clearly delighted with his signing. “Waseem is a very special accountant, widely celebrated for his detailed approach and a master at solving the most intractable financial problems, no matter how demanding the situation. He’s got an eye for detail, but also the big picture and he’s an inspiring team player. I know I speak for all of the board when I say what a delight it is to work with such an honourable, humble and trustworthy figure. In addition, his experience makes him perfectly poised to help build Merios, as he diligently guides us through this complex process. His appointment is proof, if any was needed, that Merios is set to redefine the standard of care home provision, and change this landscape for good.”