The OMMG (Overnight Multiple Merger Group) today announced the promotion of Mel Atkinson, Director of the Lucentum Group and current Strategic Board director, to the Executive Board.

This move is in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the OMMG to date, and her deep passion for the revolutionary model.

Says Melinda, “I love to be involved with change, embracing new ideas and new ways of working. It’s a great joy to be able to contribute blue-sky thinking to this ground-breaking group as further models take shape. I’m delighted to accompany such a talented management team. Together we form a cohesive board of Executive Directors, united in our belief in
Feisal’s vision. Our focus is very much on finding solutions and executing them at speed.”

Melinda founded her distinctive accountancy firm, Lucentum, in 2009 with an ethos which perfectly fits that of the OMMG. “Melinda’s business showed a unique focus on added-value services, going far beyond the mainstream compliance-based services,” says OMMG founder Feisal Nahaboo. “As such she’s perfectly poised to help drive new sources of income to the OMMG and build a robust P&L account.”

Early on, Melinda’s talent was strikingly clear, and she was appointed regional director of Xeinadin (the 122-firm accountancy merger which launched in 2019). In this role she was instrumental in preparing accountancy firms for the highly successful merger process. The first of its kind and she continues to support her regional firms to find solutions to work more closely together and strengthening both their presence and performance levels.

Following this great success of Xeinadin, Melinda was inspired to take an active role in the formation of subsequent models, and their roll out in the UK and Ireland. Says Feisal, “Melinda and I have a meeting of minds. She is a valued partner in the quest for pioneering business solutions. Her faith in the model is galvanising us all, and she is already highly respected and valued by everyone in the management team. We welcome her to the Executive Board with the fanfare such a rare talent deserves.”