Insight into the Overnight Multiple Merger Model and its latest success, Alitam.

The brainchild of Feisal Nahaboo, one of the UK’s leading business strategists, the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) is a world first: merging a significant number of companies into one group at low cost in record time. Each OMMM is planned to obtain major market share on consolidation. It offers a low-risk vehicle for high profit after tax (PAT) and the ability to pay high dividends.

Hailed as a ‘corporate miracle’ by industry insiders, the very first OMMM realised was the Xeinadin Group, a 122 strong independent accountancy firm merger, overnight on 31st May 2019.

“This is a futuristic business model, enabling us to build businesses quickly at low cost, while creating enormous top end values.” Feisal Nahaboo, Founder, the OMMG

Typically, merging companies proves to be highly challenging – requiring agreement on shared business principles, objectives, values and ongoing strategy. And yet, after a year of discreet planning, with competitors completely unaware of any activity, an industry-changing top 15 accountancy company was born. Harnessing so much specialist knowledge and experience has yielded many client benefits to date, as firms consolidate their services. The latest cloud-based technology enables 122 accountancy offices to integrate and merge more easily than ever before. In short, this allows the accountancy OMMM firm to deliver ‘global knowledge with a local touch.’

One of a kind

Each OMMM is built with no planned debt. Thus making it far more robust and attractive to third party investment. Any future profitable entrants as acquisitions are planned on an annual basis. Crucially, it’s a highly trustworthy enterprise, involving very skilled, experienced operators with close scrutiny by industry regulators. This unique model is impossible to replicate without inside knowledge; creating enormous value in its licensing ability and major competitive advantage for those who license the model through the OMMG. For the companies involved it offers a wide array of exceptional benefits such as: economies of scale and cost efficiencies to enhance profits; the pooling of exceptional talent and knowledge; and the ability, as an ‘industry disruptor’, to innovate and gain greater market share.

Introducing Alitam: the Pharmacy of the Future

And now to a defining moment in the Pharmacy industry. The overnight creation of Alitam, a merger of 46 highly successful UK and Ireland Pharmacy groups (cumulatively over 200 pharmacy stores) in total, with the clear and unique vision to be the ‘Pharmacy of the Future.’

Only with the OMMM can such a disruptive move be realised. With Alitam, the great potential of the Pharmacy sector can truly be tapped; using analytics and the latest technology to widen the remit of pharmacies, empower patients, ease the burden on the NHS and maximise profitability and market share.

Alitam is steered by an exceptional management team. All have been identified and head hunted by the founder. Known as the Queen’s ‘right hand man’, Sir Ken Olisa (OBE) acts as Alitam Group chairman outside his role as London’s Lord Lieutenant, where he manages the Royal Family’s duties.
Formerly on Reuter’s FTSE100 executive board, and now a non-exec Huawei board member, Sir Ken Olisa is a true believer in the group’s vision and the expanding role of pharmacy following covid-19. Others on the board include Oonagh O’Hagan, who has built a leading online pharmacy based in Dublin, Ireland. FD Simon Newton has formidable experience of the London stock exchange listing process. Whilst Sanjay and Mitul Patel run a large group of 40+ pharmacy stores. Patrick McCormack was former CEO of the Sam McCauley group, the largest independent pharmacy in Eire at the time. And board consultants include Michael Guerin, who owns the largest independent group in Northern Ireland, Medicare. With such talent, experience and creative vision at the helm, everybody from investor to company director to the NHS and, of course, the customer visiting their local store will benefit.

“Now we have one united, leading pharmacy-based services provider, motivated by an unprecedented, visionary opportunity to work together as one stronger entity towards a common goal.” Feisal Nahaboo

In fact, Alitam serves as a spotlight on so many of the benefits of an OMMM. The merger involved a multi-million pound consolidation of 46 groups, with over 200 stores, and an aspiration to build a FTSE100 company within 5 years. Some groups have over 40 stores, others are standalone businesses, but serve large communities in key locations. A projected £15m of savings has been achieved through: streamlining overheads; shared software licenses and regulation costs; insurance savings; creation of own brand Alitam products; and a cohesive marketing, promotion and recruitment strategy among others.

It opens the way to pioneering healthcare: with initiatives such as remote dispensing robots; offerings such as podiatry, audiology and physiotherapy; and community-level health programmes. A source of great pride is the early involvement of Alitam in the Covid-19 vaccination programme; their work has helped to significantly reduce the spread of Covid-19 and associated deaths. Beyond the impressive vaccination drive of local Alitam pharmacies, they have been a tour de force in their communities during the pandemic – remaining open and of great help to people while GPs’ services were much reduced. Alitam shows how pharmacies can rise to the challenge of a global emergency; providing a bedrock of support to individuals and the NHS as a whole.

Alitam is also forging ahead with a strong ethos of sustainability, with a variety of recycling and renewable energy policies including fleets of fully electric vehicles.

Investor licensing opportunities

In an exciting new development, the OMMG are currently licensing the model beyond Xeinadin and Alitam; offering high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and equity directors of successful companies the opportunity to buy a license to operate an OMMM, with a down payment of £3-5m. The OMMG will work alongside investors, as a proven business partner, to build the business yield to a predicted £200m of ‘additional value’ within 12-24 months, which nets investors an opportunity for substantial ongoing returns.

Alternatively, investment can be made in the OMMG itself, thus investors would hold shares in all future, debt-free and highly profitable OMMMs.

Witnessing more miracles

With further OMMMs planned in the Nursing Home, Veterinary and Legal sector, to name but a few, there can be little doubt we are witnessing not just one, but many, corporate miracles.

Delivering a seismic change for good; not just for the investment sector, but for the economy as a whole.