Palamedes PR appointed to promote my forthcoming book ‘How to Build a Top 12 business in 256 days’

Writing my book ‘How to Build a Top 12 business in 256 days’ has been a labour of love. Now it’s near-ready for publication, my priority is to get it into the hands of those budding entrepreneurs who need it most, those who need procedural guidance, and encouragement, in order to make their dream a reality – and quickly at that. My mission is for ‘How to build a Top 12 Business in 256 days’ to help foster the next generation of business life in the UK.

So I was delighted to meet with top PR consultancy Palamedes, who enjoy a formidable reputation among their past and present clients. They are a long-established and leading player in the PR world; representing many acclaimed authors, high net worth individuals and celebrated personalities. Straightaway they understood the mission of the book, and how important it will be to achieve this in the post-Covid era of dramatic change and uncertainty. They grasped the need to broadcast a positive, empowering message at this time, when things may seem broken and bleak. They agreed that this can, in fact, be seen as a time of great opportunity, a new arena for brave ideas, the chance that many entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

To quote Palamedes themselves, “For the first time, Feisal’s book collects all the critical insight and advice that has made him a leading light in the financial world, with a wealth of accounting and entrepreneurial experience and guidance to share. His invaluable guidance is supported throughout by real-world examples from the highly successful businesses that the author has himself built.”

And they were totally behind the vision of Alitam, my 140 pharmacy consolidation, as the ‘Pharmacy of the Future.’ It’s always wonderful to have validation of our strategy of a future-focused pharmacy, which truly improves the wellbeing and health of everyone while relieving pressure on secondary healthcare services. The genius of this consolidation, as they saw it, was in harnessing the evolving nature of pharmacy; at a time when the deep skills of a community pharmacist, and the level of trust in which they are held, are more important than ever before. GP appointments remain inaccessible to many, and hospitals are buckling under the strain.

Yet an experienced, highly respected, pharmacist can relieve an enormous amount of the national healthcare burden. Indeed, each of my planned consolidations seeks to transform a sector which is badly in need of disruption, for the benefit of all – be it accountancy, care homes, veterinary practices and so on. As detailed in my book, we look in forensic detail to ascertain the right place and the right time to build a paradigm-changing business. We show clearly that, when you get this right, the results are outstanding. Alitam is already becoming a shining example of this, and I’ll be working with Palamedes to raise awareness off Alitam’s success in the near future.

For now, I’m excited to announce that we are embarking on a campaign to highlight some of the key messages in my book, and add to the significant interest which is already building ahead of publication. I will be driving home the point that anything you wish to achieve is possible – even building a top company in just 256 working days. I’m going to be talking about how vital the entrepreneurial force is to our country; how it fuels innovation and prosperity. Putting us way ahead in certain industries. I’m also going to be outlining some of the basics which need to be in place, things you don’t necessarily get taught at business school, in order to succeed.

So, stimulating times ahead! I’m grateful to Palamedes for their input so far. With their extensive knowledge of both the book, and business, worlds they are best placed to help us get ‘How to build a Top 12 business in 256 days’ into the hands of our budding business visionaries. Building better prospects for us all.