Why I’ve written ‘How to build a Top 12 in 256 days’

When I came up with a ground-breaking way to build a business worth well over £100m, in just 256 days, I had two options: keep the secret to myself, or share the wisdom with the world. As the inventor of the overnight multiple merger model (OMMM), a fully replicable way to build an industry-leading business, I know it’s no fluke. I’m repeating the process now with even better results. So far the results are unrivalled. Of course I’m biased, it’s my work. But what I say stands true – no-one else is even coming close.

But that’s about to change, as I’m delighted to share these secrets in my first book. I’ve proved it’s possible to build businesses which shake their sectors to the core in record time. And I want many others to do it too. What’s the point of hogging information? How will that benefit the world? I actually want to create more competition – this will benefit everyone as invention and evolution are the lifeblood of a strong economy. More success amongst the UK population can only lead to higher employment, higher tax revenues, thereby reducing the burden on the UK government.

With Xeinadin, I founded a Top 12 accountancy practice ‘overnight’, one which is today driving up standards. I believed in myself, and put that belief ahead of all the professional expert advice that said I couldn’t do it. And now I can help other entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve so much more, at speed.

Yes, there is business theory which we all read in text books from school age, but such theory teaches routes that deliver much slower success than that with the overnight multiple merger model.

The question I asked myself, that I had never asked myself before, was: can I build a highly profitable business really quickly? Something no other person has been able to achieve? Although I was apprehensive, I had self belief. I now plan to give you all such belief, and a fully detailed roadmap to success, with a plethora of insights and experiences in this book.

Of course, the shelves in any bookshop are full of business offerings – the business psychology books, the business finance books, the ‘get rich quick’ guides and compilations of business aphorisms.

However, what does not exist, is a ‘manual’ which sets out every key aspect of starting a business, on both the practical and psychological levels, and how to attain huge levels of success in record time. All written by a founder who did it himself. I actually wish this book had been available to me when beginning my own journey with the Overnight Multiple Merger Model. While there are many brilliant efforts out there, I personally feel that to be detailed and specific is crucial when setting and attaining your goals. And what could be more specific than a guide to becoming a Top 12 business in just 256 working days?

No-one had ever done this before, yet I achieved it with Xeinadin, a business named after my two eldest children Zein and Nadine. We created a business worth over £100m in just one year. Usually, it takes decades to achieve this and in some cases much longer. Many of my industry rivals are enjoying success, but it took some of them a total of around a hundred years to get there. What I’ve done, and now productised into a fully replicable model, is to create a corporate monster at world record speed.

I’ve included meticulous research, nuggets of hard-won wisdom and details which you won’t find elsewhere. So, you’ll find ten chapters setting out how to create an inordinately successful business – when, in conventional terms, the business is just a start up. Bringing together an enormous amount of information in one, easily digestible source. Every single step is backed up by real-world evidence from the businesses I built, and continue to build with Alitam Group and others.

Beginning with the most fundamental issue, psychological readiness, I share my experiences and learnings regarding ambition and creative vision. Following on from this, I explain the importance of creating an effective company culture, how to build a movement, whilst being an inspiring and engaging leader. Then we confront the topic of industry disruption: how to do something unprecedented and be unconventional, key markers of success.

Midway through the book I detail each of the seven plans which need to be in place: strategy, finance, resources, corporate governance, value, project management and marketing. Then, you’ll find all you need to know on working most successfully with intermediaries, and how to best harness their skills to build mass profits. The penultimate chapter covers ‘herding and converting’ prospects into valuable members and customers. And finally, the book finishes with a chapter on creating ongoing value, so the business doesn’t just plateau – it grows and grows exponentially.

Writing the book has been a labour of love, a deep dive into best practice, and it even outlines mistakes I’ve made. But it’s these mistakes that have subsequently helped me break through boundaries. The journey has been rewarding despite the hard work. My passion is for achieving the unthinkable, then getting others to do the same. Being brave and striking out with a daring idea is the most life affirming thing we can do. The more of us who go further than before, bringing others with us, the more assured we are of a bright future for all.

What I truly believe, and I hope you will too, is that the goal of creating a Top 12 business from scratch is highly achievable. This book is the blueprint for success – no matter what barriers you feel are in your way.

The world can be simple. Take some time, think it all through, and what seems ‘impossible’ becomes ‘I’m possible’. You just need a space, an arena to step back and think of the possibilities.
How to build a Top 12 in 256 days will be available to pre-order soon at feisal.co.uk

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