Ray McSharry joins the OMMG Executive Board.

With great fanfare, the OMMG today announced the appointment of renowned pharmacist Ray McSharry to the Executive Board. He brings an exemplary strategic ability and future focus to the role, together with an enviable track record as the founder of the McSharry Group, the largest indigenous pharmacy group in the west of Ireland. Ray also sports a crucial understanding of the workings of the OMM model through his active membership of Alitam, the 200+ merger of UK and Ireland pharmacies, the first of its kind in the world.

Says OMMG founder Feisal Nahaboo, “Ray was my number one target when headhunting pharmacy groups in Ireland with proven specialisms and expertise. And, along with his renowned operational ability, came a person of such ambition and integrity, with a passion for what’s possible in the future. He’s long been inspiring fellow entrepreneurial pharmacists, and now he’s inspiring the entire OMMG management team. He perfectly espouses the ethos of the OMMG, which is to push beyond the boundaries and build businesses which fully serve their customers and communities way into the future. Ray doesn’t just have brains, he’s got tremendous ambition and belief in the model. Having Ray by my side is a ringing endorsement of everything we stand for at the OMMG.”

Says Ray, “I was always a believer in the OMM model, but now I’ve personally witnessed 200 pharmacies merged in record time, I’ve taken that belief to another level. I’m absolutely blown away by the power of this way of doing business. Feisal makes it look so simple, but his visionary thinking and peerless eye for opportunity are matched by an extraordinary energy and work ethic. I find it incredibly inspiring to be launching not just one, but several, game-changing businesses through the OMM model. Feisal has assembled a board of astonishing talent and levels of experience, and it’s an honour to serve alongside them as we take the world by storm.”