Mike Ogilvie appointed to the OMMG strategic board.

Renowned international speaker, and doyen of the accountancy world, Mike Ogilvie today joins the list of talented figures on the OMMG strategic board. He has a firm reputation for adding value through his proactive and forward-thinking accountancy business X5; which was part of the first overnight multiple merger model called Xeinadin. This was a 122-firm accountancy merger formed in June 2019.

Mike is deeply involved with Xeinadin, as Regional Hub Director, and also brings priceless experience of the care home sector to the OMMG table. “I have worked with a large number of care homes all over England and Wales,” explains Mike. “I know many of the senior figures and have learnt a huge amount from them. I’m looking forward to contributing my experience and insights as Merios becomes a leading presence in the care home sector.”

With an eager following on the international business event circuit, it’s no surprise Mike has a charisma and charm appreciated by his loyal clientele – and the OMMG founder, Feisal Nahaboo. “Mike is passionate about increasing the profitability of businesses,” says Feisal. “He brings people along with his enthusiasm, and every day inspires faith in our futuristic vision. He’s backed the OMM model from day one and already contributed so many insights, mined from his vast experience. He’s a delight to work with and will be instrumental to the OMMG’s stellar success.”

Mike rejoins, “Feisal has an ability to see angles others don’t. As such he enables people to think differently and develop completely new strategies. I call it ‘the power of possible’ thinking – and it’s an extremely rare ability. There’s no doubt that, driven by this talent and Feisal’s unstoppable energy, together with such a talented management team, the OMMG will be a name on so many lips in the near future – and for years to come.”