Feisal Nahaboo, business visionary and founder of the OMMG, today claims the crown in the 20/21 Global Amateur Golf Tour (GAGT), beating 400 competitive golfers to the illustrious title. Feisal is a member of Bearwood Lakes and has been coached by Head Professional Adam Drury using his new ‘evidence based training programme’. Feisal had led the competition since August 2020 following a stunning series of golf rounds. His season has featured several firsts, including gaining the highest number of wins in a season, a record-breaking 8 global golf tournaments. “I’m incredibly proud to be the holder of this coveted title,” says Feisal. “This tour was for me an end-to-end success, I’m highly satisfied with my achievements including a season best score of -8, which I achieved at Saunton West, winning by three shots. The entire team at Bearwood Lakes have been very supportive to me during the season and I hope they are proud a Bearwood member won this 100+ round season tournament.”

The GAGT (formerly known as the Volvo Masters and European Amateur Golf Tour) has a 25 year history of attracting leading business people and celebrity sports stars to its courses. Comprising a series of individual stableford competitions played at top class venues, its championship title is the pinnacle of achievement for amateur golfers. And, in his journey towards achieving this, Feisal amassed a number of remarkable successes; including winning the main championship events at Sunningdale with a score of -5 (41 stableford points) on the new course and -4 (40 stableford points) on the old course. He also won twice at Swinley Forest, Ascot, one the most famous courses in the UK, and at the former Ryder Cup venue, The Belfry, having hit 9 up and downs in the last 12 holes to win in high rains.

Renowned for his formidable work ethic, Feisal applies the same positivity and determination to his golfing. “Even though the lockdowns stopped play, I worked on my short game every day by chipping around the house, putting down the corridors and, outside, using a net on our football pitch to practice longer shots. I improvised in any way I could – and I think it proved to be the recipe for winning this championship. As soon as the courses opened I was out there at 7am most mornings, in minus conditions in winter, wrapped up in five layers of clothing. It’s an amazing feeling to know that all the hard work has paid off. Without the practice, there’s no trophy.”

Now he’s at the top of his game, what’s next for Feisal and golf? “Without a doubt I aim to practice even harder this winter in the hope that I can try and retain the title,” he smiles. “I need to keep working on my game and stay competitive. Form can easily come and go throughout the season. Golfing is a true passion of mine, it helps me enter that zone where my mind can roam free and come up with new ideas, game-changing businesses. It’s a huge part of who I am, it’s helped me achieve my business visions. I’m delighted to have played consistently well throughout the season, and now achieved this ambition with regards to golfing itself. I want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for arranging top class tournaments and venues for us amateurs. They have shown tolerance and patience throughout covid-19 when golf was closed. I’m delighted that my fellow golfers survived the pandemic and it was a major celebration for us all to be together at the awards dinner. I wish my golfing peers the very best health and performance in 2022.”