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Caring about care

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Introducing Richard Wootton, newly appointed to the Merios Board

Merios, the pioneering care home group, today announced the appointment of Richard Wootton to its Executive Board. Richard and his family, who own a medium to large group of care homes in Sussex and Kent, run businesses which are exemplars of care and quality. Testament to his commitment to raising standards, not just income. “There’s never been a more important time to get the care home offering right,” says Merios founder Feisal Nahaboo. “With an ageing population with increasingly diverse care needs, Merios is rising to the challenge.

We are delighted to have Richard help us drive our initial efforts. He and his family have an impressive track record of running highly respected care homes, which go above and beyond many of his industry peers. He’s got his eye on the ball when it comes to innovations and the latest technology to help increase efficiencies, and the level of safety and care for all. He’s highly motivated and a real believer in the Merios cause. I’m fully confident that with Richard on the management team, we will reach – and even exceed – our ambitions. We welcome him with open arms.”

‘A defining moment for the care home industry’

Richard boasts great success across a number of businesses, bringing a valuable range of expertise to the board. He was introduced to Feisal by Bob Stebbings, one of the key players in the creation of the first Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM), the 122-firm accountancy merger Xeinadin. Bob was the first director of the Xeinadin Group and oversaw its stellar success. He became a passionate advocate of translating the model into the care home sector, and was quick to recommend Richard as an early entrant. Richard was straightaway struck by the uniqueness of the vision.

Says Richard, “I felt that the creation of Merios will be a defining moment in our industry. With our size, and collective experience and expertise, we can really address the question: ‘what is care about?’ For the first time, the whole industry will hear the united voice of many, highly reputable care home operators. We will have a say in the direction of the sector, and ensure we operate with a future focus, delivering the very best care day after day.”

‘A once in a lifetime opportunity’

With 20 years experience of running care homes, Richard is highly invested in ensuring Merios achieves its aim of offering a ‘new standard of care.’ “Care homes are where my passion lies,” Richard explains. “We got into the business to look after people, and it’s wonderful how much you can enhance people’s lives and better their daily experience. I’ve always focused on improving the environment within our homes, increasing room size and adding ensuites and other facilities. It’s not just about expanding to offer more beds. Now, as a member of the management team of this inspiring company, I’m committed to taking this to the next level.”

He continues, “I’m committed to help secure the highest calibre of entrants, who share our dreams for development and innovation. I’m passionate about fully exploiting technology to liberate us to spend more time caring for residents; and exhaustively exploring how we can run more efficiently as a large group with considerable buying power. Reinvesting our profits to service more developments and improvements.

It’s all about offering a very high quality way of life to residents. There’s monetary reward, but also the reward of seeing so many contented faces.” Richard smiles, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Feisal is a unique individual with a drive and energy unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As Merios improves the lives of many of our elderly, we will have him to thank.”

An exceptional talent takes the chair

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Merios appoints Geoff Claughton as Chairman.

Renowned accountant to the legal world, Geoff Claughton of BarTax, has today been named as the Chairman of Merios Group, the future-focused care home provider. He brings with him enormous experience of the Overnight Multiple Merger (OMM) process, having entered his own firm into Xeinadin in 2018, and is a passionate proponent of the model. His firm BarTax services approximately a 12th of the self-employed barrister market. This substantial market share has been built on a proactive and tailored service, fixed prices, unlimited telephone support, whilst resources have been allocated outside court time to ensure Geoff can best serve those clients trading within the legal industry.

Says Merios founder, Feisal Nahaboo, “Geoff is a real find, his pioneering accountancy practice is the go-to firm for a vast swathe of barristers in the UK. It’s thanks to Geoff’s integrity, vision and incredible work ethic that he’s earnt the trust of this exacting profession. He’s highly regarded and celebrated for his honourable approach. Unsurprisingly 95% of his business is through barrister referrals. He brings to Merios outstanding qualities of leadership and strategic vision, and I trust him completely. This key appointment ensures the ambitions of Merios will be met, and even exceeded; as we seek to deliver a new standard in care homes for our elderly population.”

Says Geoff, “It’s an honour to be invited to Chair this game-changing company, populated by a collection of truly exceptional talents. Feisal’s vision and commitment to the cause are astonishing, and I too trust him implicitly. We have enjoyed a long working relationship, and I have absolute faith in Feisal’s ability to make Merios a leader in the field of care homes; thereby improving the well-being of our elders and the stature of our society as a whole.”

A new standard in care

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The OMMG launches Merios Group: The care homes of the future.

Today Feisal Nahaboo, founder of the Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG), announced the launch of Merios Group, a planned consolidation of over 200 care homes across the UK and Ireland. This marks the third such ‘overnight’ multiple merger for the group, with ambitions of building a Top 10 care home business within five years, achieving at least FTSE 250 status.

The first OMM saw the creation of Xeinadin, a 122-independent accountancy firm merger, and the second, Alitam, a game-changing group of 200+ UK & Ireland pharmacies. Merios will benefit from existing links with Xeinadin accountants and Alitam pharmacies: accountancy expertise is already well established with member care homes; and Alitam pharmacies have served many care homes for years, providing medicine and expertise.

Says Merios founder, Feisal Nahaboo, “Merios is the New Standard in care homes, a planned formidable group of visionaries who are regenerating a tired model with boundless passion, expertise and future focus. This is a saturated market, mired in antiquated ways of working and old ways of thinking. We aim to offer the elderly people of the UK and Ireland more control over their well-being, greater individual care and attention, and the quality of life this extraordinary generation deserves. With an ageing population in the UK and Ireland, this sector is extremely attractive to investors, and the time is right for Merios to make its mark. With the support of over 100 accountancy firms and 200 pharmacies, we will headhunt the very best care homes on their expertise, specialisms and profitability. I’m confident with so much support that Merios can surpass the monstrous success of Alitam and create a new world record of overnight multiple mergers.”

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